D2 takes your campaigns from carefully considered audience and channel definitions through creative, media buying, and continuous analytics.

Destination marketing campaign

Destination marketing campaign image
Amtrak Cascades
D2 helped Amtrak Cascades truly make the journey as important as the destination as they looked to rebuild ridership after COVID shutdowns.

Tourism campaign

Tourism campaign image
City of Kirkland
A municipality wanted to partner with hotels to get heads in beds to reinvigorate their tourism. D2 led the charge.

MBA program advertisements

MBA program advertisements image
Foster School of Business
D2 developed overarching and program-specific brands and ad creative to drive graduate program applications and enrollments.

WorkSource business outreach

WorkSource business outreach image
WA State ESD
D2 created and managed a fully integrated campaign targeting business owners and HR managers to drive awareness and adoption of a free tool funded by their tax dollars.

Go-to-market strategy

Go-to-market strategy image
ZoneIn CBD
D2 helped a celebrity-backed brand in a new and budding industry navigate legacy legal issues as it announced its first product available for sale online.

Resort promotion campaign

Resort promotion campaign image
Park City Ski Resort
D2 ran a tourism campaign that drove maximum ROI through continuous testing and refinement in a non-traditional e-commerce environment.
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