Market research is an invaluable tool that allows for a better understanding of market position, competition, and audience brand perception.

School of Nursing Website

University of Washington
D2 helped reorganize and improve navigation and overall UX for one of the top nursing schools in the nation.

Persona research and content reorganization

City of Sammamish
D2 helped redesign content organization and how citizens access city data through UX/IA optimizations.

Regional board landscape

WA State ESD
Surveys and focus groups across all nine WorkSource districts gave us the stakeholder insight to move our business outreach campaign forward effectively.

Recruitment marketing

Sound Transit
D2 identified and located where to post jobs for extremely difficult positions to fill when sometimes there were only dozens of qualified people in the country to do the work.

Product name research

Integra Group
There's a lot in a name. D2 helped with focus groups and market research to name a new software suite for long term care facilities.

Survey promulgation

D2 helped one of the world's largest and most informed companies how to reach a very specific audience for a specific research project.
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