In the vibrant heart of Bellingham, WA, Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) has partnered with D2 to embark on an exciting journey of transformation. Since October 2023, this collaboration has focused on refreshing WTA's brand and realigning it with their updated core mission: "connecting people to opportunity." We are proud of the milestones we've achieved together celebrating the mutual trust and shared vision that drive us forward.

From the beginning, our goal was clear: to rejuvenate WTA's brand and ensure it reflects the organization’s dedication to its riders, their stories, and their aspirations. This endeavor goes beyond aesthetic enhancements, reinforcing WTA's role in the community as a bridge to opportunity.

The logo redesign marked the exciting beginning of our partnership, laying the groundwork for a series of transformative collaborations aimed at redefining public transit engagement in Bellingham. This project was more than just a visual update—it was a strategic effort to weave WTA’s new mission, "connecting people to opportunity," into every element of their visual identity.

Working closely with WTA, D2 updated the visual identity, remaining true to the core brand while infusing it with a more vibrant color palette to symbolize the energy and diversity of the community it serves.

Our journey continued with the publication of WTA's 2024 budget. Tasked with modernizing its appearance while staying true to WTA's identity, we embraced this challenge with enthusiasm. Using WTA's existing brand elements, we introduced a contemporary twist that breathed new life into the document, enhancing clarity and readability.

The result? A document that not only conveyed financial narratives with precision but also reflected WTA's evolving brand story. The positive feedback from WTA's board, including commendations from Lynden Mayor Scott Korthuis, was a testament to the project's success and a promising start to our partnership.

We created a fresh, clean look for WTA's paratransit buses, followed by brand new designs for their hybrid buses. We balanced the want for something fresh and new with the anchor of familiarity, ensuring coherence within the existing fleet. Drawing inspiration from WTA's diesel and electric buses, we crafted visuals that were eye-catching and deeply reflective of WTA's commitment to sustainability and inclusivity.

These designs, soon to grace the roads of Whatcom County, are a vivid representation of WTA's journey towards a greener, more connected future. We are proud to contribute to this transformation, showcasing WTA's dedication to serving its community with innovation and care.

Our collaboration extended to crafting sticker designs to hand out at events and serve as brand building tools. From playful illustrations celebrating the electric bus to whimsical depictions of barn animals enjoying a ride, these stickers were designed to resonate with riders of all ages.

Perhaps the most impactful endeavor has been the rebranding and promotion of the WTA Bus Tracker app. Recognizing its utility to riders, we set out to increase its visibility. With a crisp new app icon and a comprehensive marketing campaign, we increased engagement and brought the convenience of real-time bus tracking to the fingertips of every WTA rider. Reflecting the diversity of WTA's ridership in our marketing materials, we sought to ensure that every rider felt seen and valued, aligning perfectly with WTA's renewed brand purpose.

As we reflect on the progress made and anticipate the projects yet to come, we're reminded of the power of partnership. Our journey with WTA is more than a series of projects—it's a shared commitment to making a difference in the lives of those we serve. We're honored to play a role in WTA's mission to connect people to opportunity, and we eagerly look forward to continuing this partnership, driven by innovation, empathy, and a deep respect for the stories that move us all.

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