The dark side of optimizationHow to avoid the "death spiral"

Attribution analysis is a tool to understand multi-touch conversions, but too often we see people use it for optimization
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How a small error can cost thousandsCheck your tagging. Track everything.

Tracking error pages is critical to find what might be causing an error in the first place
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Survivor's biasThe answer is in data you don't have

Stats make you money!
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Unlock hidden insights with analytics

Data-driven marketing campaigns can be used to generate leads, build customer relationships, and increase conversion rates.
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Consumer Packaging BrandingLatest Trends and Strategies

Consumer packaging plays a vital role in shaping brand perception and influencing purchase decisions. In today's competitive marketplace, where countless products vie for consumers' attention, packaging has emerged as a crucial tool for building brand equity and establishing a strong emotional connection with customers.
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Assessing successful marketing analytics through prediction

Predictive analytics, a powerful tool in the world of marketing, serves as a crystal ball guiding businesses into the future. The essence of predictive analytics lies in the use of data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques. The combined power of these elements facilitates the identification of future outcomes based on historical data.
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The emergence of AI in 2023

OpenAI's ChatGPT today is what Google was in 2000. AI existed before, but has been pretty much useless to the average user. ChatGPT is the first example of useful AI to everyone, and it is already reshaping everything in short order.
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Handling a recessionEffective marketing strategies to thrive in challenging times

As the economic landscape experiences a downturn, businesses are often faced with the daunting task of sustaining growth amidst financial uncertainties. In such challenging times, strategic marketing becomes the key differentiator for companies seeking to weather the storm and emerge stronger.
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Small budget strategiesMaximizing marketing impact as a small business

When it comes to marketing, you don't always need a massive budget to make a significant impact. Even with limited resources, smaller firms can leverage smart strategies and optimize their marketing efforts.
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