D2 knows that true analytics goes beyond reporting. We make it easy to extract useful insights from your mountains of customer and market data.

Analytics application

Analytics application image
D2 knows marketing and analytics, but existing tools didn't quite hit the mark. D2 built VariaMetrix for companies to explore and discover unique insights in their data—no matter its source.

Analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting image
TRP Parts
D2 built a metrics and reporting framework to identify actionable opportunities for improvement on a website for a company in the Fortune 150 growing conversions 1,000-fold.

Comotion incubator lead gen campaign

Comotion incubator lead gen campaign image
University of Washington
D2 helped identify and target prospects who may qualify for a startup incubator to drive applications.

Influencer mapping

Influencer mapping image
D2 helped identify key influencers in a variety of topics to target for early access and releases to promote to their audience, all before influencer marketing was cool or even had a name.

Analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting image
Pacific Medical Centers
D2 helps PacMed understand what's working and supports its other partnerships with on-demand data.

Usability study

Usability study image
TRP Parts
Should a site offer 6 different ways to find something? D2 helped determine the answer, which were the most used, and how satisfied users were with the results…all through analytics data.
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