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Transportation moves people and goods, but D2 moves transportation. Our work with transit agencies across the country includes recruitment, employee and passenger retention, and building brand awareness.

Passenger rail and transit

We believe that the best way to move people onto transit is to position it as the best and easiest way to get around—especially when compared to SOVs. This extends beyond messaging to actually building tools and wayfinding and clear communication that improves the rider experience.

Ports and supply chain logistics

With global partnerships spanning 3PL, BCO, and transload, we know supply chains and the considerations that ports and shippers need to take into account when balancing environmental, efficiency, and economic development factors. We provide real estate marketing, penetration into emerging markets, recruiting, and community messaging.

Employee recruitment and retention

Thanks to our unique partnerships with logistics and recruiting for corporate clients globally, we cast the right net to find the perfect candidates to maintain peak operation levels, minimize understaffing, and maintain productive partnerships with unions.

D2 services for the transportation sector, stylized as a transit map. Line 1 (Brand): Consultation, Kick-off, Brand Discovery, Brand Development, Brand Refinement. Line 2 (Research): Success Metrication, Market Research, Persona Definition, Strategic Planning. Line 1+2 (Market Strategy): Messaging Risk Preemption, Comprehensive Messaging. Line 3 (Media): Relationship Building, Process Management, Inventory Negotiation, Media Buying, Reporting. Line 1+2+3 (Advertising): Ad Messaging, Media Planning, Graphic Design. Line 4 (Digital/Usability): Web/App Strategy, UX Planning, System Integration, Atomic Design, Usability, Wayfinding, Outreach. Line 5 (Analytics): Tracking, Marketing Automation, Analytics. Line 4+5 (Outreach): Development, Accessibility, Compliance, Graphic Design, Social Media, Video, Communication

Work Samples

Destination marketing campaign

Amtrak Cascades
D2 helped Amtrak Cascades truly make the journey as important as the destination as they looked to rebuild ridership after COVID shutdowns.

Booking and destination marketing website

Amtrak Cascades
This responsive, destination marketing website makes it easier for travelers to book tickets, check schedules, see train status in real-time, and learn more about train travel in Oregon.

Brochures and maps

Northwest Seaport Alliance
D2 redesigned this marketing tool to showcase unique non-container services and assist truckers in operational procedures, safety, and wayfinding.

Eat Shop Play campaign

Port of Seattle
Who likes airports? Not many, so imagine the challenge of getting people to want to arrive earlier and enjoy airport ammenities.

ORCA for Business explainer video

Pierce Transit
A video created to promote the benefits of the ORCA for Business card and encourage more businesses to sign up for the program.

Recruitment marketing

Sound Transit
D2 identified and located where to post jobs for extremely difficult positions to fill when sometimes there were only dozens of qualified people in the country to do the work.