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Transportation moves people and goods, but D2 moves transportation. We've worked with numerous transit agencies across the country to recruit riders and drivers. Retain employees and passengers, all while raising awareness.

Work Samples

Destination marketing campaign

Destination marketing campaign image
Amtrak Cascades
Building ridership with messaging that emphasized the journey as part of the destination.

Booking and destination marketing website

Booking and destination marketing website image
Amtrak Cascades
This responsive, destination marketing website makes it easier for travelers to book tickets, check schedules, see train status in real-time, and learn more about train travel in Oregon.

Brochures and maps

Brochures and maps image
Northwest Seaport Alliance
Redesigning marketing tools to showcase services and assist truckers with operational procedures, safety, and wayfinding.

Eat Shop Play campaign

Eat Shop Play campaign image
Port of Seattle
Who likes airports? Not many, so imagine the challenge of getting people to want to arrive earlier and enjoy airport amenities.

ORCA for Business explainer video

ORCA for Business explainer video image
Pierce Transit
A video created to promote the benefits of the ORCA for Business card and encourage more businesses to sign up for the program.

Recruitment marketing

Recruitment marketing image
Sound Transit
D2 identified and located where to post jobs for extremely difficult positions to fill when sometimes there were only dozens of qualified people in the country to do the work.