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Nothing changes faster than tech except how people discover and adopt it. It's why D2 is one of the earliest leaders in app store optimization, marketing automation, and designing first-touch experiences. We drive reviews to accelerate discovery.

Work Samples

Pharmacy software conference

Pharmacy software conference image
Integra Group
Creating an event experience for a conference for pharmacy professionals to learn more about new tools in their industry.

Trade show booth

Trade show booth image
CPA Global/Clarivate
An international attendee of a global show in our backyard called and wanted a booth. D2 gave them a show-stopping experience that drove leads for a year.

PR outreach

PR outreach image
D2 helped eBay promote an often-overlooked report and showcase it to millions globally and receive expanded press coverage.

Survey promulgation

Survey promulgation image
D2 helped one of the world's largest and most informed companies how to reach a very specific audience for a specific research project.

Influencer mapping

Influencer mapping image
D2 helped identify key influencers in a variety of topics to target for early access and releases to promote to their audience, all before influencer marketing was cool or even had a name.

Conference connection

Conference connection image
D2 was able to get audience data so accurate we were accused of cheating (we didn't).