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Higher ed marketing is hard. D2 can help find the right type of student on budget using new rules limiting youth targeting (good rules!), while also catering to parents and their concerns. Clearly we have been down this road before. Hop in.

Hyper-specific audience targeting

The prospective student is hard to reach these days and their parents are skeptical of any school that's not their alma mater. As more and more students wait until the last second to apply you need to know students consider you long before application windows open.

Meeting students where they are

It's more than just TikTok and Twitch.

Engagement-focused optimization

Did you know 63% of Gen-Z actively uses ad blockers and 99% will skip an ad if they can? Did you know that the bulk of your paid impressions may be coming from overseas users of VPNs? We focus on content marketing and not just ads for prospective students.

Capital and fundraising campaigns

We have a proven track record helping major institutions meet and beat capital fundraising goals. For one such institution they met their goal a year early and ended the campaign 20% higher than moonshot projections.

Sample ad for Oregon Tech with the text "What YOU learn here CAN change the world."

Work Samples

MBA program advertisements

Foster School of Business
D2 developed overarching and program-specific brands and ad creative to drive graduate program applications and enrollments.

Nonprofit class catalog and online store

Wilderness Awareness School
Our comprehensive and integrated e-commerce solution allowed the school to collect donations, sell physical products, enroll e-courses, and host downloadable digital goods.

Content and information architecture

UW Bothell
More than 8,000 disorganized content items from an out-of-date college website were successfully distilled into an intuitive information plan.


Oregon Tech
D2 helped a small state school compete by identifying a very distinct set of prospective students overlooked by the bigger schools to drive awareness and applications.

Capital campaign

University of Washington
D2 helped a major state university exceed their fundraising budget by over $1 Billion

MBA program campaign

Seattle Pacific University
D2 drove MBA candidate outreach and program applications to a level competitive with larger and higher-ranking state schools.