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Retail trends are changing so quickly sometimes strategies are outdated literally within weeks. We follow those trends and often can see them coming. But the more things change, the more they stay the same, and good ol' fashioned marketing know-how helps us help you sell product.

Return on ad spend (ROAS)

Return on ad spend is when you can calculate how much money you get as a result of your expenditures on advertisements.


D2's approach is bespoke to your product and customer base. We'll help you optimize channel revenue to minimize commissions and maximize total sales value.


D2 is a registered and certified advertising partner of Amazon, Shopify, Google, Bing, Facebook, and more. Why? There are advantages and disadvantages to each platform and we stay on top of all of them to help you find unseen opportunities for incremental sales growth.

Still from an influencer campaign D2 ran for Micro Audio

Work Samples

Packaging design

Alaskan Leader Seafood
D2 crafted a retail experience for Alaskan Leader that authentically reflects the “cold, icy waters of Alaska” essence of the brand and showcases the superiority of their products.

Cannabis tinctures

Trinity Productions
D2 designed high-end packaging for the high end cannabis market.

Go-to-market strategy

ZoneIn CBD
D2 helped a celebrity-backed brand in a new and budding industry navigate legacy legal issues as it announced its first product available for sale online.

Thursday Night Rewards engagement

InnovAsian Cuisine
Everyone has their favorite InnovAsian dish. D2 built out customer engagement with a limited-time contest that put each product to a vote.

Holiday chocolates packaging

Frango Chocolates
A package design with so much staying power its still in the market 30 years later.

Sponsored content campaign

Micro Audio
D2 optimized a startup news app's presence on the Apple App Store and engaged influencers to drive growth.