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D2 has helped promote healthcare service lines across nine major hospitals, a hundred clinics, and five states. We are HIPAA-digital certified and know how to run fully compliant campaigns that drive action while protecting patient privacy, including the nuances of retargeting dos and don'ts.

Work Samples

Go-to-market strategy

Go-to-market strategy image
ZoneIn CBD
Navigating legacy legal issues for a celebrity-backed brand in the CBD market for online sales.

Launch campaign

Launch campaign image
A Healthtech startup needed to raise awareness for a new telehealth app quickly to prove a business model, so D2 was brought in to help spread the word.

Product name research

Product name research image
Integra Group
There's a lot in a name. D2 helped with focus groups and market research to name a new software suite for long term care facilities.

Analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting image
Pacific Medical Centers
D2 helps PacMed understand what's working and supports its other partnerships with on-demand data.

Agency of record

Agency of record image
UW Medicine
D2 acted as the agency of record for a multi-billion dollar healthcare organization covering 5 hospitals and 11 key service lines across a network of 40 clinics.