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Let's talk track records: D2 has helped numerous companies build recruiting campaigns that jointly have helped hired 7,500 employees globally in three years. We know the ins and outs of TAS tools and know how to make you competitive with EOE and DEI candidates.

Recruitment marketing

We know how to get the word out on open jobs quickly. From optimizing profiles to identifying which boards to post openings we help your talent acquisition team fill the pipeline and start interviewing.

Job description optimization

Ever notice patterns in people who apply to positions? Job descriptions are ads, so hire an ad company to write them for you to cater to the exact audience you are looking to attract.

Reaching diverse audiences

More companies are trying to get their message out to historically underserved groups, but so is everyone else. We know how to reach and attract audiences to apply to your roles.

More than job boards

We help prime audiences before they start looking for work to consider your firm first for a job. Ask us how. It's really cool and doubles the likelihood people apply to your positions once you post them.

An ad D2 produced for Sound Transit to recruit a chief safety officer, featureing two people in hard hats

Work Samples

MBA program advertisements

Foster School of Business
D2 developed overarching and program-specific brands and ad creative to drive graduate program applications and enrollments.

WorkSource business outreach

WA State ESD
D2 created and managed a fully integrated campaign targeting business owners and HR managers to drive awareness and adoption of a free tool funded by their tax dollars.


Oregon Tech
D2 helped a small state school compete by identifying a very distinct set of prospective students overlooked by the bigger schools to drive awareness and applications.

Recruitment marketing

Sound Transit
D2 identified and located where to post jobs for extremely difficult positions to fill when sometimes there were only dozens of qualified people in the country to do the work.

PR outreach

D2 helped eBay promote an often-overlooked report and showcase it to millions globally and receive expanded press coverage.

Social media

RH2 Engineering
Starting with little to no regular social media involvement, D2 developed an editorial calendar, curated content, and managed social media posts and analytics, driving growth in followers by 154% in just a few months.