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Our team is dedicated to integrating sustainable practices and innovative design solutions that positively impact the planet while still meeting your business needs.

Driving behavioral change

Your initiatives need to drive an investment far larger than dollars: Time. Motivating people to change their habits takes time but D2 has the expertise to understand the best approach.

Efficient deliverables

Web and apps that don't overdo it. Clean code means clean air. Responsible packaging. Promoting sustainability with our vendors and our clients alike.

Grants for non-profits

Google Grants provides up to $10,000/month for qualifying 501(c)(3) nonprofits with limited slots available each quarter. D2 knows how to help nonprofits get approved.

Dedication to the triple bottom line

More and more companies are considering environmental and societal impact as performance measures to see impact beyond dollars. We believe one can be profitable and act responsibly and sustainably.

Web screenshot of on a mobile device superimposed on a photo of the Port of Tacoma

Work Samples

Brochures and maps

Northwest Seaport Alliance
D2 redesigned this marketing tool to showcase unique non-container services and assist truckers in operational procedures, safety, and wayfinding.

Brand consolidation

Wilderness Awareness School
D2 consolidated multiple legacy brands into a unified whole that appeals to experienced explorers and young adventureres alike.

GoBlue! program

Sea Port Products
Sea Port is committed to supporting efforts to improve the sustainability of all seafood, wild and farmed. D2 developed branding and promotional items to support their efforts and messaging.

Wood stove campaign

Puget Sound Clean Air Alliance
D2 boosted applications for rebates and credits to replace wood burning stoves, the biggest contributor to man-made air quality issues in the state.

Home energy audit PSA

Lewis County Public Utilities
A fun angle on an education video with Sparky, the Lewis County Public Utilities mascot, designed to help home owners in Lewis County save money on their energy bills by uncovering places to look for potential energy “leaks”.

Environmental agency website

NW Clean Ports
Ports have a huge impact on climate and air quality. D2 worked with three Northwest port organizations to develop a comprehensive, easy-to-use site to inform the public and inspire action.