Redefining an innovation brand for better recognition and engagement

OMIC (Oregon Manufacturing and Innovation Center) is a think tank and R&D facility. They collaborate with business members, researchers, colleges and students to define better, more efficient manufacturing practices. Their brand positioning needed some adjustment to really communicate their core capabilities to their audience and in turn, sign up new corporate members and bring in new projects.


Build a stronger, more cohesive brand story with thought leadership

D2 engaged OMIC in discovery sessions to assess core capabilities and how they related with their current branding and communication efforts. Within the discovery overview report we generated, we identified areas where there were inconsistencies and where more emphasis could be made on thought leadership. We refined their main logo and tagline and created component logos for their different business and manufacturing sectors. We developed brand guidelines, signage, apparel, banners, and corporate video and presentation materials that used visual elements such as industrial textures, angular graphics and dynamic perspective photography.

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OMIC is in the process of building a bigger facility to accommodate their research efforts, particularly in the area of additive manufacturing. They are moving forward with showcasing thought leadership success stories within their social and website content. The new website is currently under construction..